Guido Ekker is a passionate freelance mixed media director who graduated from The Netherlands Film Academy in 2015. Working as a Director with an extensive background in VFX supervision, the combination of these two roles allows him to explore new stories while staying in tune with the rapidly evolving technical landscape of film and AI. With over 10 years of industry experience gained at The Panics, The Mill, and Discovery Channel, he brings a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise to the craft.

Comfortable directing stories in both live action and full CG, Guido seamlessly transitions between commercial and original content. His approach often leans towards a cinematic style, effortlessly blending mixed media elements to create soulful experiences. In the process of directing films and commercials, he likes to be very hands-on, ranging from direction and editing to animation and VFX work.

Guido's interest in culture and the human creation of themselves is a central concern of his filmmaking, particularly in his directorial work. The ability to share stories that prompt reflections upon society and nature is the driving force behind his narrative intention.


In his spare time, you can find him bouldering or, more often, surfing the waves in the North Sea. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, want to collaborate or meet for a coffee! 

Recognition & Awards

Best short film 2023 Dystopia Film Festival - STILL HERE


FINALIST Kaboom film festival 2023 - STILL HERE

FINALIST Shortcutz 2023 - STILL HERE

FINALIST Canada shorts 2023 - STILL HERE

Official selection NFF 2023 - STILL HERE

Official selection Imagine Filmfestival 2023 - STILL HERE

Official selection British Animation Film festival - STILL HERE

Ciclope 2019 - FINALIST - Shadowboxers

Sport Film festival Rotterdam 2020 - FINALIST - Shadowboxers

FICTS Milan 2019 - FINALIST - Shadowboxers

Shortcutz Amsterdam 2019 - Shortlist best editing - Shadowboxers

Shortlist CANNES 2019 - Liberty Global

ADCN 2019 - BEST CRAFT VFX - Liberty Global

NVX AWARD 2019 - Best Dutch VFX - Liberty Global

ProMaxBDA BRONZE - Best Use Of Animation - Liberty Global

NVX AWARD 2017 - Best Dutch VFX - LeasePlan

SXSW excellence of title design Finalist - 2017 - Panicroom 13

NVX AWARD 2015 - Best Dutch VFX - Sundays